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lawn fertilization and Weed Control

These go hand in hand.  Providing the property nutrients (fertilizer) to your lawn will help create a dense stand of lush green grass, but it is only half the proper solution! Weed control keeps those pesky dandelions, crab grass, and other weeds at bay throughout the year so your property can look its absolute best! 

At Spears, we use the safest fertilizers for your lawn. We use  liquid and granval type products with slow release to give you a beautiful lawn. Our professionals specialize in responsible safe, effective fertilization services. When we think green, we are thinking about more than just your grass and flowers. Our weed control experts always strive to do what is best for your lawn, landscape beds, and your family.

When you hire us for your fertilization and weed control needs, you can take pride in the beauty of your property and in the way in which it is maintained.

Call Spears today if you need to hire a professionally licensed lawn fertilization company who specializes in landscape bed weed control services. We are here to help you in any way that we can.  Call 321-508-2005 to schedule your appointment today.


Pest Control

Pests such as fire ants, grubs, and mole crickets are much more than annoying, they can quickly destroy a lawn.  We diagnose and treat pest conditions quickly and effectively. We also provide tick and mosquito prevention programs.

Prevention is always better than having to develop a solution, and that is especially true when it comes to pests.  By creating a barrier around the exterior of your home we can eliminate any pests that attempt to cross it.

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TREE & Shrub Fertilization
& disease control

At Spears, green is always our policy. Not only do we want your trees and shrubs to be as green and healthy as possible, but we also want your property to be maintained in a responsible fashion. We are always focused on providing responsible solutions to our customer’s tree and shrub related services.

One of the hardest aspects of tree and shrub insect and disease control is simply identifying what problem is affecting  plants. When you hire us for your tree and shrub maintenance, you can rest assured that we can identify your problem and then provide the best solution to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking their best.

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